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Quick & Easy Recipes. Entertaining Tips. Meals You Can Make In Less Time Than It Takes To Do Your Hair...and More!

When this was first written, Pre-Fab wasn’t a thing. They had salad bars in grocery stores, with a few store made dishes, but nothing like they have now. Now, it’s wonderful! So many choices.

People used to buy every ingredient, chop and mix into their delicious dishes that took hours to make. Cutting corners was taboo!

So, it gave me so much pleasure when ladies across the country faxed (yes, fax - ask your grandma what that is... It’s like the times of rotary phones and Pong. And televisions were so big you could serve a buffet on them.) Anyway, I swear I could hear ladies giggling as they faxed their orders in. When they called, they whispered the title. As if it was naughty chef porn. Love it!

Re-releasing this book now gives us the opportunity to add some fun bits, juicy recipes and more stories as we go. Disclaimer: If you don’t like some of the writings in this book, blame me. I wrote the stories and ad-libs. My sister, Cori, contributed many of the delicious recipes you can thank her for. “Our family loves to entertain,” Cori adds, “we learned early on how to whip up tasty party food, stretch dinner for surprise but welcome guests, and decorate for a bash everyone will have fun at!”

“We’ve also thrown in some recipes that are so easy, even our Dad can make them!” laughs one of the girls, they won’t say who.

We hope you enjoy our little book and make fun-filled, savory and delicious memories you cherish!

Pre-fab front cover.jpg

The Pre-Fab Cookbook

with Dish & Flo

By Debbie Bishop and Cori Berg

Illustrations by Debbie Bishop and Rick Tierney

Cookbook, Quick & Easy Recipes, Entertaining Tips, Humor


Who has time to cook anymore? These days, you're lucky to sit down to eat. Do you think that anyone would really notice if you didn't make EVERYTHING from scratch? Dish & Flo have put together tips to save you time. Quick meals, facials, tips, decorating ideas, disaster remedies - in chapters including "Meals You Can Make In Less Time Than It Takes To Do Your Hair," "One Dish And You're Done Dinner," "How To Stretch Your Meal," and "For The Bod," cartoon characters Dish & Flo show how to spend less time in the kitchen and more time on you!


FIVE STARS! I loved it! Great book! The recipes are really easy and funny. -- A reader,

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