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The story continues!

Graphic Novel collects the next five episodes of this story arc co


Atlantis is now a myth, and the Atlanteans would like to keep it that way. Living secretly among us, their elite Black Ops team tries to protect us. What they didn't expect was their greatest enemy from ancient Atlantis to turn up alive.

TRUST NO ONE. That is the code of the Deceivers. First rule you learn in training, last thing you think of that you should have remembered as the one person you trusted takes you down.

With all Kaila’s been through you’d think she’d be over trusting anyone ever again...but Gianni’s good. He planted seeds in her mind tagging Justin as a terrorist. Combine that with her memories of the last war on ancient Atlantis and Kaila was doubting whether she should even trust her own instincts. And Gianni kept on coming. Not leaving her side for a second. Swaying her closer to the Hexon side. Which really grazed Justin, who, disguised as Dirk, had to watch the whole bit on survellience nanocams.

To make matters worse, Justin was forced to rescue an old enemy from the clutches of Catharta before he spilled everything he knew about the Deceivers. Right under Hexon’s nose. General Stern finally revealed what caused the bad blood between him and Justin’s father was the weapon everyone was after...a portable sound wave gun powerful enough to demolish a city block in seconds. Only Stern didn’t have it. That meant only one man did...or at least Hexon thought he did and maybe they were keeping Justin’s dad alive thinking he knew where it is. 

It was coming together. That was until Justin learned the weapon was a disk...perhaps something like the disk he and his dad buried in the middle of the night in an open field under a cloak of darkness ten years earlier. Now he was wishing he hadn’t dug it up...or left it in Kaila’s plane...especially since Kaila has seemed to switch sides...and now...has disappeared.


Volume 2 - Created/Written by Debbie Bishop. Art by Mike Miller and Norm Breyfogle. Cover by Norm Breyfogle.

What you FEAR


One's hero is another's enemy there such a thing?

What if something really bad happened?

Justin covert computer_edited.jpg

Karma has a way of biting you on the
butt when you least expect it.

For as long as Justin can remember, 
he has wanted to save the world.

Something inside drives him hard,
a sense of urgency he can’t shake.
His instincts tell him that he cannot fail...
...he must not fail...
...this time.


“In 1968, divers off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas, discovered 2,000 feet of interlocking stone rock on the bottom of the ocean.  It looks like a road.”

Atlantis In Search of a Lost Continent -  NBC

“According to Edgar Cayce, the Pyramid of Giza was actually built over 10,000 years ago by non-Egyptians, as a storage place for the history of humankind from the beginning up to the year 1998.  This history is allegedly written in the languages of mathematics, geometry and astronomy.”

Pyramid Power - Max Thoth, Greg Nielsen

Thuban, a star in the constellation Draco, was our polestar until about 4,000 years ago.  Egyptian temples were oriented to Thuban, which lies in the middle of the long tail of the dragon.”

The Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky - 
Mark R. Chartrand, Wil Tirion, Alfred A. Knopf

Black Tide-background_edited.jpg
Black Tide is a comic book series based on Atlantis including historical facts, myths, science and theories


Awakening of the Key


Atlantis is now a myth, and the Atlanteans would like to keep it that way. Living secretly among us, their elite Black Ops team tries to protect us from supervillains from ancient times.


Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Awakening the Key!"

Collects Black Tide (Image/Avatar/Angel Gate) #1-8.

Written by Debbie Bishop. Art by Mike Miller. Cover by Andy Park.


As leader of the most covert black ops team in the world, Justin has devoted his life to saving others. In this series he discovers that not only was he once the most powerful villain of an ancient civilization, but also his enemies are back! Atlantis has been newly created and hidden from mankind, by Atlanteans regenerated from its ashes. On a mission to solve the mystery of a series of international murders, realities collide when he is reunited with his past. In a weird twist of fate, he triggers the same series of events that led to the destruction of his ancient land. He is a changed man who remembers nothing of his past. But how he deals with the present will either save us or destroy us all.  208 pages, color.

FIVE STARS! Part Sci-fi, part fantasy, with elements of covert intrigue and superhero action, Black Tide is one of the more multifaceted stories I've read in quite a long time ...This is unquestionably a book you'll want to read. It's rare that you get a comic series this complex today.  Tim Janson, Reviewer


This is a perfect fit for teens who are new to comics. The adventure is smooth, and Bishop's use of quick dossier-style character overviews will remind teens of the way video games present their backstories. The crisply colored art is competent, and even sometimes inspired, and there are a few intriguing extras that feature information about some of the theoretical technology used in the book.  Tina Coleman, Booklist

Ancient civilizations throughout the world all have drawings and writings of a time when men walked with "gods." 

Black Tide is a fictional story based on scientific and historical facts, myths, theories and the writings of Socrates, Plato and Edgar Cayce.

Every culture on earth references the dragon, and the definition of Draconian is common among many languages. 

My research for Black Tide began with the great pyramid of Giza.
When it was originally built, over twelve thousand years ago, it was oriented to the polestar at that time, which was Thuban.  Thuban was the sun for the constellation Draco, but it was dying.  

The fictional story of Black Tide began with the hierarchy of Draco fleeing their dying planet and landing on Atlantis where the people accepted them as gods.  

Today, Canary Islands myths tell stories of men over seven feet tall.  
In Black Tide, on Atlantis, clones were created from the dna of the Draconians.  Secretly, it was for growing an army, but in a political ploy, they were used as slaves for the Atlantean people. Over time, the Atlanteans became lazy and selfish. Society began to look to influences from travelers visiting their land and adopted religion and sacrifice, which propelled them to their demise.

Where was Atlantis?
Logistically, Atlantis, in this story, was located in the Atlantic ocean near the Bimini Islands, where divers recently discovered ancient stones beneath the sea, that look like a road. 

Logical theory
The ocean floor in this region is proven to be full of methane gas crystals, a source of geothermal energy.  Unless methane gas crystals are kept at a constant temperature, they can explode, dissolving the ground around them.  

Further, there exists an ancient Mayan map of vortex points of the Earth which contain inflow and outflow points of our planets energy. Giza sits on a vortex point, as did Atlantis – on an outflow vortex. (
Crystal TimeStar Map from “The Great Pyramid and the Mayan Calendar.” Perceptions, May/June 1995.)  

So the story utilizes this information as background for a Draconian/Atlantean power plant that the Draconian characters built inside a mountain. Two inverted pyramids drew energy from the vortex, and piped the ionic energy through converters mainly to be used in secret by the Draconians.

When the Draconian slaves rebelled against their Atlantean captors, sabotage of this power device triggered a volcanic eruption and the explosion that followed caused the methane gas crystals that supported the continent to dissolve the earth around them.

Atlantis crumbled and sank into the sea. 
NEW ENTER THE GAME front cover.jpg


Enter the Game

Young adult & Teen Novel

Based on the popular comic book series, BLACK TIDE. When the Deceivers, a covert international black ops organization, backs off a rescue mission to save one of their own teams, Justin senses something isn't right. The organization he's trained all of this life to one day join, never leaves a man behind...not willingly. As the right answers don't come, Justin enters a dangerous game, and embarks to rescue his father's team from one enemy abroad and an even deadlier one at home.




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