Awakening of the Key


Atlantis is now a myth, and the Atlanteans would like to keep it that way. Living secretly among us, their elite Black Ops team tries to protect us from supervillains from ancient times.


Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Awakening the Key!"

Collects Black Tide (Image/Avatar/Angel Gate) #1-8.

Written by Debbie Bishop. Art by Mike Miller. Cover by Andy Park.


As leader of the most covert black ops team in the world, Justin has devoted his life to saving others. In this series he discovers that not only was he once the most powerful villain of an ancient civilization, but also his enemies are back! Atlantis has been newly created and hidden from mankind, by Atlanteans regenerated from its ashes. On a mission to solve the mystery of a series of international murders, realities collide when he is reunited with his past. In a weird twist of fate, he triggers the same series of events that led to the destruction of his ancient land. He is a changed man who remembers nothing of his past. But how he deals with the present will either save us or destroy us all.  208 pages, color.

FIVE STARS! Part Sci-fi, part fantasy, with elements of covert intrigue and superhero action, Black Tide is one of the more multifaceted stories I've read in quite a long time ...This is unquestionably a book you'll want to read. It's rare that you get a comic series this complex today.  Tim Janson, Amazon.com Reviewer


This is a perfect fit for teens who are new to comics. The adventure is smooth, and Bishop's use of quick dossier-style character overviews will remind teens of the way video games present their backstories. The crisply colored art is competent, and even sometimes inspired, and there are a few intriguing extras that feature information about some of the theoretical technology used in the book.  Tina Coleman, Booklist


Enter the Game

ISBN-13: 978-0966473735

Y/A Novel

Based on the popular comic book series, BLACK TIDE. When the Deceivers, a covert international black ops organization, backs off a rescue mission to save one of their own teams, Justin senses something isn't right. The organization he's trained all of this life to one day join, never leaves a man behind...not willingly. As the right answers don't come, Justin enters a dangerous game, and embarks to rescue his father's team from one enemy abroad and an even deadlier one at home.


FOUR STAR REVIEW - amazon.com