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                           5.0 out of 5 stars!!! A lovely and delightful book.

This is a wonderful book! Highly recommended! The characters are engaging, the story line is good, and it is a nice change from so many other genres out there.


& The Lost Shadow Boys
Jayson's Curse

by Debbie Bishop

ISBN-13:  978-1-59559-004-6

Fiction - Fantasy

In the battle for control of the realm, evil won. All the boys were captured and erased from memory. But they live. In a hellish place called the Mantlerealm, under the witch's Twisted Castle. It is rumored that one of them will inherit the emperor's mighty powers. The witch wants that magic, and the throne. Their only hope, helps them in secret. Tashuhunka. He is the last survivor of his tribe and the only boy who wasn't caught. Using Indian wisdoms and science, he is stronger than the witch. But he has a weakness. The night of the battle, Tash found a baby girl who has a birthmark of the crest of Fairydom. It is written in the prophecies that someone will free the realm from the dark magic but they die doing it. Is she the one? For years, he has protected her and kept her hidden from the witch while he has tried to free the boys on his own. Now, they are out of time and her fate is guiding her on a dangerous path. 

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