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The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond

Children 4 - 10 - Fantasy/Humor/Magic

"The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond is a great story for kids and teens alike! This wonderful fairytale has modern references to kids as they live today. It’s like Harry Potter for kid’s today! Debbie has created a really fun book that will be cherished!" reader


After their town is mysteriously flooded, misfit fairies from the wrong side of the pond, who have never fit in, are forced to enroll in Penstamen Academy—home of the absolutely perfect Periwinkle Fairies. In the middle of new school, new jobs, fairy fashion and magic classes, they unwittingly unravel an ancient mystery that sends

them on a dangerous adventure into the wicked realm of the Heatherworld.


Read the beginning chapters of The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond!

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The Lost Shadow Boys

Ages 10 - 18+ - Fantasy​/Dragons/Mystery/Humor

                            5.0 out of 5 stars!!! A lovely and delightful book.

This is a wonderful book! Highly recommended! The characters are engaging, the story line is good, and it is a nice change from so many other genres out there.

A misfit fairy from the wrong side of the pond challenges herself to overcome her fear and becomes an unlikely hero.When the wicked witch of the realm discovered where the emperor was hiding his heir, she captured all the boys and erased them from memory. For 18 years, she has been trying to find out which boy was chosen. They live in a cavern beneath her twisted castle, among trolls, dragons and oddizens, where they are forced to mine fairy dust for her. One boy was not caught. Tashuhunka, helps them in secret. Using Indian wisdoms and science, he is stronger than the witch. But he has a weakness. The night of the great battle, Tash found a baby girl. It is written in the prophecies that someone will free the realm from the dark magic. Is she the one? He has protected her and kept her hidden from the witch. Now, they are out of time and but she’s not ready.  Actually, she’s pretty clueless.

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