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Debbie's recent release, "What is the meaning of life? YOU," features simple, fast manifestation techniques to help you live a joy-filled and successful life. Whether you're wrestling with feelings of betrayal or drowning in the sea of wanting, this book promises to be your anchor, helping you to release the chains of fear, grief, and failure. Debbie uses her experiences and training in qiqong and metaphysics to simply explain the mechanisms to remove blocks and manifest. Imagine transforming life's challenges into stepping stones towards the bliss of self-achievement and fulfillment.


Her highly recommended comic book series, "Black Tide", was originally published by Image comics. Graphic novel, Volume 1, "Awakening of the Key", collects the first eight episodes from "Black Tide", which is a comic book series set in a foundation of real earth history and the legend of Atlantis. Volume 2 introduces DR, the original Draconian Warrior with art by Norm Breyfogle. "Enter The Game" is a teen novel featuring the back story on "Black Tide's" main character, Justin.


"Pillywiggin: The Lost Shadow Boys" also received 5 out of 5 stars!  From misfit to hero. The unlikely journey of a fairy from the wrong side of the pond. Great summer reading for young adults. 

Children's chapter book, "The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond" is beautifully illustrated by Andy Park (now Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios). Bishop co-authored, "The Pre-Fab Cookbook", with her sister, Cori Berg. The humorous cookbook written from the viewpoint of cartoon characters Dish & Flo, includes delicious recipes and entertaining ideas. "Meals You Can Make In Less Time Than It Takes To Do Your Hair", "No Kidding, You Want To Cook Breakfast?", "Udder Decadence" (Yummy desserts) and much more! Partnering with stop-motion animation icon, Ray Harryhausen, Debbie authored and published the "War Eagles" novel. Bishop and co-author Carl Macek developed and wrote the story - inspired by a concept by “King Kong”​ creator/producer Merian C. Cooper - into a novel and screenplay. Cooper’s movies have inspired many other films and books since his day. The writing duo knew they had to make their story different for today's audiences. So, they wrote the adventure adding historical facts, new characters, realistic yet fictional events, and innovative technology of the time. When their book was published by Bishop’s company, Angel Gate, it brought Ray’s dream for "War Eagles" one step closer to reality.

Debbie is also an accomplished entertainment industry veteran who helped found and run two independent studios. Later Bishop segued into marketing, design and creative services forming Left Field Productions, a boutique agency that served all of the major movie studios, several corporations and other consumer products businesses.




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