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By Debbie Bishop

Illustrations by Andy Park

Inks by Rick Ketcham

Colors by Matt Nelson

ISBN-13: 978-1932431018

Illustrated Chapter Book - Young Readers


Adventure of three misfit fairies from the wrong side of the pond. When their tiny town of Bladderwhack is mysteriously flooded, three teenage fairies who have never fit in are forced to cross the pond. They must enroll in Penstamen Academy—home of the absolutely perfect Periwinkle Fairies—and try to earn enough fairy dust to rebuild their town. In the middle of new school, new jobs, fairy fashion and magic classes, they unwittingly unravel an ancient mystery that sends them on a dangerous adventure into the wicked realm of the Heatherworld.


AWARD WINNER! Award of Excellence --Creative Child Magazine




AWARD WINNER! Award of Excellence --Creative Child Magazine


FIVE STARS! - A CHARMING, MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE By Tim Janson on April 25, 2005 Format: Hardcover Chloe, Tip, and Darling are three fairies who live on the wrong side of the Bladderwhack Pond that is and unfortunately they just don't fit in with the other young fairies from Penstamen who have the best hairstyles and wear the best fashions. Chloe in particular is a butt of the jokes from the Penstamen `clique', especially Monica who never lets Chloe forget she is an orphan. To make mattes worse, an evil little Fairy, Mr. Snivels, has broken the dam causing Bladderwhack to be flooded, including the school, forcing Chloe, the inquisitive Tip, and the chubby little Darling, to have to attend school in Penstamen. Could things get any worse? You bet they can! Chloe constantly finds herself running into Prince Peter, sometimes literally, and Peter seems to like Chloe, much to the agitation of Monica who is dying to meet the Prince. A chance find of a History of the Heatherworld book convinces Chloe that the ancient prophesies are already in motion and that a secret entrance to the Heatherworld, the realm of the Wicked Witch Halga, is located at the bottom of Bladderwhack Pond. Chloe is convinced that she will find her long-lost mother somewhere in the Heatherworld and the three friends now begin a perilous journey, encountering fire-breathing Dragons, hordes of trolls, hungry crows, and the evil witch Halga herself, in order to uncover the ages-old mystery and reveal the truth about Chloe and her past, once and for all. The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond is an honest-to-goodness fairy tale but updated for modern times. We see the young fairies Chloe, Tip, and Darling, facing the problems of peer pressure and humiliation when they are not able to dress as nicely as the more upscale Periwinkle fairies. So with this book you really get an old-fashioned fairy tale told with today's tribulations. It's a light, fun read, filled with humor, wit and charm. While any kids in the 7 - 14 age range would enjoy the story, I think it especially speaks to young girls who can relate more keenly to the problems endured by the main characters. The book is beautifully illustrated by Andy Park and features a number of full-page illustrations that perfectly complement the story written By Debbie Bishop. The pair have created a story with lively characters that come to life before your eyes. One note is that Amazon's description is incorrect. This hardcover is actually 152 pages, not 96 pages. Unless for some reason there is a different version...Highly recommended! --Reviewed by Tim Janson, reviewer

FIVE STARS! A really fun book for kids & teens! Beautiful illustrations! (Five Stars) By Cori B. on September 10, 2004 Format: Hardcover Another fabulous book from Debbie Bishop! The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond is a great story for kids and teens alike! This wonderful fairytale has modern references to kids as they live today. It's like Harry Potter for girl's today! Debbie has created a really fun book that kids will cherish!

* Poster illustration by Randy Green.  Inks by Rick Ketcham.  Colors by Stewart

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