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Debbie Bishop first came to the public's attention with her science-fiction comic book series, Black Tide, which was originally published by Image comics.


Books by Bishop include the Award-winning, The Fairies of Bladderwhack Pond; Y/A novels Shadow Boys, Enter The Game; and graphic novel, Awakening of the Key, from Black Tide, which is a comic book series set in a foundation of real earth history and the legend of Atlantis.


Bishop co-authored, Martha's Got Nothin'​ On Me, with her sister, Cori Berg. The humorous cookbook started out as fun tips for their dad who was going through a divorce and had to cook for himself for the first time in his life. Debbie included things like how to turn on the stove and where to find the kettle to make hot cocoa for their younger sister Boone. Cori loved the book and said, uh, how about putting some recipes in it... and Voila! The pre-fab cookbook was born. Debbie also did most of the illustrations, proving, in her words, 'why I am a writer.'​


At a request by Ray Harryhausen, Debbie created several properties including, War Eagles. Bishop and co-author Carl Macek developed and wrote their original story - which was inspired by a concept by "King Kong"​ creator/producer Merian C. Cooper - into a novel and screenplay. Cooper's 1939 concept inspired many other books and films since his day. The writing duo knew they had to make their story different so while sitting at the counter of Bob's Big Boy in Burbank they developed the adventure by adding historical facts, engaging realistic characters and innovative technology of the time.  What happened is that War Eagles became really interesting.  A fantastic, yet, plausible retelling of "parallel" events surrounding World War II - if ancient Vikings riding giant eagles in dangerous dogfights against German planes over New York City's Worlds Fair attempting to defeat the Nazis and their General's devastating electromagnetic weapon is plausible.  In any case, it's an action-packed fun read.  It had been one of Ray's dreams to see War Eagles come to the big screen and when Angel Gate published the War Eagles novel that Bishop and Macek wrote, it brought his dream one step closer. 

Debbie is also an accomplished entertainment industry veteran, who after helping launch and run two independent studios, founded a design and printing agency working with all the major studios.

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